Whilst we at Cookies love a good wedding, our talents of cinematography do not simply start and end there. We have a wealth of experience and skill in filming all sorts of celebrations. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or a party for welcoming a new tiny addition to the world, we can create stunning cinematic productions that capture the event in all its glory.

For us at Cookies Production, it is imperative that we get to know our clients. And this is not just a telephone call or an email but we truly take the time to meet and understand what our clients are about. We want to know what they are celebrating and their vision for the party. All of the ideas and elements that they have brought together to build their celebration are vital for us to understand so that we can capture this emotional connection through our films. And it is not just important to understand their vision and their theme but also the practicalities. We like to understand itineraries, time scales, venue details and who key individuals are in terms of service providers but also family members so that we can ensure smooth running of the filming on the day without disturbing our clients so that they can sit back and enjoy the party with their family and friends. We work with party planners and venue coordinators to make sure things happen just the way our clients intend.

All of this planning and preparation helps us to deliver a fantastic film on the day, catching all of the key moments, from the preparation of the venue and catering to key entrances and popping of champagne corks. We don’t miss a trick or a shot that is likely to be a vital memory for you. The thrill and buzz of a party is an energy we feed our filming on, and this is truly reflected in the product that we deliver.

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