Civil Ceremony

At Cookies production we are not just about the wedding day, we are everything that comes before. We like to be part of your planning and preparation and are there to make you feel secured and reassured that you have expert advice and support on all matters relating to the filming of your wedding and photography whilst you plan. One of our key planning elements is to sit with our clients privately and early to carefully consider how they want to tell the story of their wedding day. As a couple who have thought and dreamt about their wedding day for months if not years and have placed their heart and soul in devising every detail from the colour of confetti to the folds in the napkins, we know that you will have a story to tell. And at Cookies Production we take our responsibility in delivering this incredibly seriously. So we work with you to devise a story board that highlights the key milestones of your wedding day journey. It’s certainly not set in stone and evolves and grows as your wedding plans take further shape. Our versatility and flexibility of approach is something that we are truly proud of and sets us apart from others. And if you haven’t got any ideas for how to tell that magical story, our Cookies Production experts are on hand to guide you through developing one that is unique and personal to your wedding. Our creative geniuses are full of ideas and advice, thoughts on locations as well as types of shots. We can even undertake pre wedding shoots to put you at ease and prepare you for the process. Come the big day, Cookies take full control of situation, with all directing, shooting and editing responsibilities, so you as the couple can enjoy the day as intended and fully immerse yourself in the experience that will create a lifetimes worth of memories.

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