When all of the wedding formalities are over and the ceremonial solemnity is complete, the next phase of the wedding is inevitably the heightened festivities of the wedding reception. It’s the party of a lifetime and an evening of celebration that has had an incredible amount of planning and preparation. Months of ideas, magazine clippings, swatches and photos all culminate to make a unique and bespoke wedding reception that calls out the personality and preferences of a special couple celebrating their union. The pace, the atmosphere, the heady delights of pure jovial emotion is palpable. And it is our responsibility- indeed our honour – here at Cookies Production, to capture this in as complete an experience as possible. We film the detailed preparation of the venue, the bustle of catering, the guests arriving, the bubbling excitement and anticipation at the cocktail reception and the crescendo of the bride and groom entering the venue to enthusiastic applause. We ensure that we capture the effects of the entertainment, crowd shots, the meal being served, the head table in all of its splendour, the family greeting all of the guests, as well as iconic moments such as the pop of the champagne cork, the first dance and the cake cutting, all done with cinematic professionalism. We only use the best quality and latest high definition 4k digital equipment, slider and DJI Ronin rig to stabilise and control the camera so that you get simply exquisite results and gorgeously captured memories.

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